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Seals, Sea lions & Walruses

All of the pinniped content that you could want!

Welcome to Below The Tide, my name is Liz, and I'm your host! Episode 16 is an intro to all things pinnipeds (seals, sea lions, and walruses). Dr Héloïse Frouin and I sit down to chat about studying seals, specifically bearded seals in the Chuckchi Sea. Learn about the noises they make, the pinniped family, and the really cool experiences Héloïse has had. I've made visual resources for this episode so you can see pictures of the seals and locations, always on my instagram and twitter!


Episode 17 may have shown me what my new favourite marine mammal is. You won’t believe it until you see them. Check out this episode all about hooded seals, the most weird, but amazing pinnipeds. Héloïse and I talk about hooded seals, their anatomy, behaviours, and more. This work was done as a part of a project with JASCO Applied Sciences, where long term passive acoustic monitoring was the goal. If you want to understand what these seals are doing underwater, you first have to figure out what kinds of noises they’re even making underwater.

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