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Image by Sebastian Pena Lambarri


Interested in the fish of the ocean? Check out some of the episodes below to learn more!

Welcome to episode 07! In this episode we're introducing Kelsie Murchy; a PhD candidate studying the effects of shipping noise on Chinook Salmon. Kelsie talks about her projects, and the intricacies of salmon tagging. Learn about acoustic tagging and more! Next week we will continue with Kelsie and her work.


Buckle up for episode 08 - we are talking about salmon spawning (how salmon make babies) and underwater shipping noise! Kelsie Murchy is completing research at The University of Victoria studying the impacts of underwater shipping noise on Chinook Salmon around Vancouver Island.


Final episode with Kelsie is here! We're chatting about her fieldwork, and where she sees her research going. Make sure to listen to episodes 07 and 08 beforehand so you can meet Kelsie and learn all about her research surrounding Chinook Salmon. The research Kelsie is doing is not only important for salmon populations, but for ecosystem stability as well.

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